Healthmap by Healthdirect Australia

For everyone

Healthmap is a Healthdirect Australia initiative to make important Australian health data available to everyone.

Greater accessibility to this data brings opportunities for further insight and innovation to the health sector. This is essential if we are to meet the complex, long term challenges of an ageing population, increasing rates of chronic disease and growing population demands, whilst delivering a more equitable and sustainable health sector.

The opportunity of data

The Australian health sector has a vast amount of data that is typically hosted by different groups, in different formats and with different technology. Healthmap seeks to break down these silos of data within both the health sector and across the many other sectors that contribute to the health and wellbeing of our communities such as housing, employment, education and environment.

With a consolidated and growing repository of data built on a cloud architecture, Healthmap can ultimately support 1000s of data sets. Through greater access, sharing and reuse of data we can start to realise the opportunity of data to help build healthy communities.

People drive change

Healthmap isn’t only about data. It recognises the real value of data is when it can empower people to act and create meaningful change. For data to be effective, the most important resource is people, ranging from health practitioners, planners, researchers, organisations, community groups through to individual health consumers.

Healthmap is an inclusive offering for everyone, that seeks to support informed, evidence-based decision making and to foster greater dialogue, collaboration and coordination across Australian data assets.